Work at Home Making Lampshades

Angels (2K) Great INCOME Opportunity to "Work at Home "
Mary Maxwell and her Victorian Lampshade Collection


Bonnie (40K)

Your Instructions on the DVD were outstanding and very easy to follow. The Lampshade KIT
I made was entered in the County Fair and I won 1st Prize! I then sold it for $325.00, I can hardly wait to get started on my next one! Thanks to you I am a Work at home Mom! Thanks to you!

Bonnie Buchner, Calif.

Angels (2K) 3 easy step-by-step DVD's on Lampshade Making
Angels (2K) Learn the Secret Techinques to Create, ReCover & Restore Lampshades
Angels (2K) There is a Huge Demand for High Quality Lamp Shades!!
Angels (2K) No Expensive Equipment to buy - just your basic sewing kit
Angels (2K) More than 5000 copies already sold and 35 years of experience
Angels (2K) Custom design lampshades for Your most Romantic rooms and Quality stores!
Angels (2K) Create or Restore an Heirloom Lamp Today! It's easy with my simple instructions!
You've discovered, the Internet's premier source of quality materials and instructions for Beautiful High Quality Lampshades! These are the ones that earn you TOP $$$, anywhere from $125.00 to $3,500.00 for your time and effort, plus you'll use your creativity after you know the process to flourish as a designer yourself. This is all about QUALITY, You will have the chance to work for interior designers, and home owners that only want the best and are willing to pay for it.

All of the materials that I am using, I make available to you thru my SUPPLY CATALOG!

YOU will learn a new skill quickly that can add REAL INCOME for your Family every month. I am ready to answer all your questions.

Just call 1-916-783-4802 or visit


I have made a business making custom Lampshades from my home. You taught me the trade on your DVD, and all I did was to show the lampshades that I had made for myself, and people started asking me how much I would charge to make them one. The extra money is enough to make my car payment each month -- It's Great!!! Thanks.

Debbie Fontana

Patty (39K)

Because of you I have made some of the most beautiful lampshades for myself and my grand daughters. Your guidance is most appreciated! Thank you so much,

Patti Lasick, Calif.

How to Make Victorian Lampshades DVD

  1. How to measure and cut the fabrics for each unique panel.
  2. How to pin and sew on the lining and lace panels.
  3. How to form the beautiful Silk Chiffon Rosettes.
  4. How to apply the decorative trims.
  5. Bead fringe or long thick fringe.
  6. The Custom Color Dyeing Technique is demonstrated completely so that you may add darker edges to both your Rosettes and Fringes - a technique that is very popular on Victorian Lampshades!
  7. This video has 12 Victorian Shades to give examples of color combinations and designs.
  8. OrderNow (3K)

Joanne (35K)

I am now the hit of my family due to the beautiful hand made Lampshades I have been able to make and give as gifts. Thanks Mary, you have made me a "CREATIVE" person.

JoAnne Doyle, MI

More Testimonials

Thank you so very much for the Lampshade Kit that I purchased from you. I have completed my lampshade with the information I learned from your Lampshade making DVD. It's Beautiful! I am very pleased and I have already been offered money to make one for my neighbors. Thanks again,

Nancy Jo Smith, New York

I just wanted to let you know that you made my dream of learning to make lampshades a reality with your DVD's. Your instructions were very easy to understand and I can now make my very own Decorator style lampshades. Thanks and I appreciate being able to get all my materials from you too!!

Rebecca Boyer, Indiana

OrderNow (3K)

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